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ReConnect is our entry for the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011. It was made by Steven De Meyer and Elie Verbrugge as 3D artists, Thijs Morlion and myself as programmers.

ReConnect was developed in about four months, from nothing to concept to fully playable game and this while still having a lot of other school-work to do. Since ReConnect was our entry for the Imagine Cup 2011 it was made with XNA for Microsof Windows.

We finished in the semi-finales.


The game is about rebuilding the world. For the Imagine Cup we had to make a game about the toughest problems in the world. We choose hunger, poverty and polution. These problems literally destroyed the world in our game, and it’s your task to reconnect the pieces and rebuilding the world.

We managed to get in the semi-finals for both the Games for Windows and Games for Windows Phone 7 categories.

You can download the installer here and play the game yourself.