Pablo Bollansée <<

War Systems

War Systems is a litte project I started years ago, then called “Master Wars”. I first made a very simple 2D clone of Advance Wars with a friend as a school project. Later I decided to make my own turn-based strategy in 3D using Unity, still based on Advance Wars but no longer a simple clone, this was Master Wars. It used hexagons as tiles but it was still a flat playing field.

After I got an internship at Vanguard Games, I decided to rewrite the whole game since I learned a lot there. I changed the world from a flat playing field, to the planets I have now.

Recently I’ve restarted the project once again. Applying everything I learned during my master studies. Now I’m focussing on a full undo/redo system and sync/async networked multiplayer. This by using the command-pattern to make all actions undo-able, and a better split between model and view.