Pablo Bollansée

Computer Scientist

UK & Portugal

Career profile

Senior backend developer and manager with a demonstrated history across a variety of programming languages such as C#, PHP, SQL, and most recently Haskell. My focus has been backend development, but I also successfully led and managed both development and design teams. No matter my position on a team, I focus on bringing the best out of my colleagues by sharing knowledge and providing support, as well as listening to others’ expertise so we can all do our best work together.

Technical Experience

Haskell 2+ years of experience  
SQL 6+ years of experience  
Elm 3+ years of experience  
C# 7 years of experience  
C++ 3 years of experience Bachelor’s main language
Java 2 years of experience Master’s main language
PHP 1 year of experience  

Career History

Mar ‘23 - present

Senior Backend Haskell / Fullstack Dev

PRODA, Remote, London

Senior developer in a team building software used by billion-dollar companies using Haskell, SQL, Typescript, Elm, Nix, and more.

Sep ‘21 - Dec ‘22

Lead & Senior Back-End Developer

Feeld, Remote, London

I contributed to the hiring of a new Haskell engineering team and performed a significant role in restructuring the backend to accommodate a ten-time increase in user base. On top of being a senior backend dev, my responsibilities also included leading and managing projects. We mainly used Haskell, SQL, Nix and of course Docker to run it on GCP.

Oct ‘17 - present

Founder & CEO

Pablo Productions, Remote, Belgium

The company I set up to do my backend & fullstack development and management consultancy. This allows me to work with companies anywhere in the world, and not be constrained to local opportunities.

Mar ‘20 - Sep ‘21

Senior Back-End PHP & C# Developer

Bagaar, Remote, Antwerp

Was one of the senior devs in a project to automate a process that previously took months, reducing it to minutes, for a billion-dollar client. The platform we build supported over 28 countries and their regulations. We mainly used PHP, Laravel, and SQL, as well as some C#, and TypeScript for the frontend.

Mar ‘19 - Mar ‘20

Head Of Research And Development

DCA, Belgium

In this role I led and managed a VR research team, consisting of programmers, designers and artists, utilizing Unity and Unreal. My responsibilities spanned across backend and fullstack work, research, and more. Key technologies used include C#, SQL, and VR.

Oct ‘17 - Mar ‘19

.NET consultant, developer

Delen Private Bank, Amonis, Kapture NV, Belgium

As a .NET consultant, I provided services to numerous high-value clients. Key tasks involved extensive usage of technologies such as C#, SQL, Azure, Cobol, and TypeScript in both backend and fullstack development.

Oct ‘16 - Jul ‘17


KU Leuven, Belgium & Linnaeus Univerity, Sweden

I was accepted as a doctoral student, with a specialization in AI: Self-Adapting Computer Systems. However, I decided to discontinue this due to a preference for practical code work rather than writing papers.


MSc in Computer Science

KU Leuven

Majored in AI

Graduated Cum Laude

2014 - 2016


KU Leuven

2013 - 2014

BSc in Game Development

Howest University, DAE

Graduated Cum Laude

2009 - 2012

Certifications & Other Experience

July 2022

Haskell course

Summer School Utrecht, Netherlands

Course Advanced Functional Programming in Haskell.

Click here to see certificate

Certificate available online

Oct 2017

Fullstack Azure developer

ABVV, Belgium

I build a proof of concept implementation of their first microservice, as a way to convince their management microservices were worth further investment, using C# and Azure,

Feb - Jun 2012

C# Development Intern

Vanguard Games, Amsterdam

I was part of the team during the development of Halo: Spartan Assault. We used C++, C# and Unity.

Sep 2011 - Feb 2012

Unity Programmer & Designer

MyMachine, Belgium

We build a game bringing the imagination of children to life, using C# in Unity.

Feb - Jun 2011

C# Programmer & Designer

Imagine Cup 2011, Belgium

Semifinalist of Game for Windows and Games for Windows Phone 7, with a game build in XNA, C#.


Last Year In Gaming POC website showing the best games released one year ago
Pokédex Web SPA Pokédex showing type-advantages made in Elm
Artist Website The website of artist Marie Julia Bollansée
Cooking A mobile-first responsive website to collect recipes
Magic Tools Web app build in Vue to be used while playing MTG
Liquid GPU-based water and erosion simulation made with Unity
War Systems A turn-based-strategy game inspired by Advance Wars
Risk of Thrones Giant Risk board (2m²) based on the Game of Thrones world
Planetoids Asteroids inspired game where rocks are sliced exactly where hit by the laser
ReConnect A game about connecting islands to rebuild the world

Additional skills


AWS, Android, Angular, Azure, C, COBOL, CSS, Entity Framework, Google Cloud (GCP), Git, HTML, Javascript, LINQ, Lua, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Nix, PostgreSQL, Prolog, Python, React, Rust, Test Driven Development, TypeScript, Vue, …


User Experience (UX), Gameplay, Gamification

Photo editing

Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Krita

3D Modelling

Blender, 3ds Max, Mudbox

Spoken languages

Dutch Native
English Near-native